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The Reasons Why Using Multiple Gears is Unnecessary

The one thing that manufacturers especially those dealing with gear manufacturing fail to do is get the notion of moderation. When it comes to the making of the speed transmission, they have gone completely gone overboard. In fact, it does not make any sense why one should incorporate the use of speed transmission in their car. Most people argue that the more gears they have, the larger the speed ration. This, in turn, provides better acceleration and fuel economy. If this is what they want to achieve then the secret is not the addition of more gears. However, people are adding more apparatuses without thinking much about the performance. In fact, it has become more of competition. Below are reasons why getting a transmission with many gears is ridiculous.

Extra cost

When you install transmission in your vehicle, this translates to you having more components that you need to handle. To add on to this; you will have to deal with additional parts like the clutch which will need to be stuffed. When you have your system being too complex; you will be paving the way for failing. Finding yourself in a situation where you are no longer legible for warranty, and all the transmission fail, you will have to go through an added expense getting one.
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Making the car heavier
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Even in if you package your gears beautifully, if you install more gears, it will mean that the vehicle will become heavy. Heaviness of a vehicle is the one thing that determines performance, the lighter the better, thus instead of making cars heavier the manufacturing companies should be inventing ways to make it lighter. Driving a heavy car can be a challenge as you will have a hard time balancing the vehicle.

Having to manage constant shifting

The manufacturing companies have made the speed automatic in a way that it can learn about the driving habits thus ensuring an intrusive performance. Well with the manufacturing they have failed since these gears only makes it difficult to drive since pressure on the gas could result in the gears switching. Even if you know nothing about engineering, it goes without saying getting more parts leads to more complications. This means more stress and spending more time and money on the vehicle all which you can avoid by not getting more parts.

Cutting on fuel cost

One of the marketing strategies that the transmission manufacturing
companies state is that having many speeds will lead to saving on fuel. Though it is true that the vehicles that use such engines save, but the difference in consumption is minimal. In fact it can be argued since the change is minimal, the cost of the saving could be as a result of other factors like the style of driving, condition of the tires, and the atmosphere. Unless you are ready to deal with the many issues; you should not be in a hurry to get many engines.