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Please remember, no details from the Lostfan108 spoilers in this thread.

Thanks to Dan for the heads up.

Malik in Bangkok: I love Lost! Is anyone going to die in the season finale?
I can tell you that a series regular who has been on the series since the first season will not be back next season (season five). According to inside sources, this person’s contract has been put into a holding deal and the plan at this point is to have him or her return for season six. Guesses? (OK, I’ll spare you the frantic emails: It is not Jack or Sawyer. It’s a she.)

Wendell in Santa Fe, N.M.: Lost, girl! Spill! What can you tell me about the very end of this season?
Remember how I told you that time traveling and teleporting is most definitely happening?(Duh) Well, let’s just say that it’s going to be happening on a much larger scale in the coming seasons. And if I tell you any more about that twist, I will break the heart of this sweet guy who’s name rhymes with “Hey, mon” and eksekusi alam will see to it that I return in the next life as grasshopper poo.

Source: E!Online