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Please remember, no details from the Lostfan108 spoilers in this thread.

Thanks to Dan for the heads up.

Malik in Bangkok: I love Lost! Is anyone going to die in the season finale?
I can tell you that a series regular who has been on the series since the first season will not be back next season (season five). According to inside sources, this person’s contract has been put into a holding deal and the plan at this point is to have him or her return for season six. Guesses? (OK, I’ll spare you the frantic emails: It is not Jack or Sawyer. It’s a she.)

Wendell in Santa Fe, N.M.: Lost, girl! Spill! What can you tell me about the very end of this season?
Remember how I told you that time traveling and teleporting is most definitely happening?(Duh) Well, let’s just say that it’s going to be happening on a much larger scale in the coming seasons. And if I tell you any more about that twist, I will break the heart of this sweet guy who’s name rhymes with “Hey, mon” and eksekusi alam will see to it that I return in the next life as grasshopper poo.

Source: E!Online

The Official Lost Audio Podcast

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse prehash the two-hour season finale airing on Thursday, May 29th from 9-11pm

Key points as I go.

– Special repeat of Part of Finale before Parts 2 and 3 which will show deleted scenes from the Press Conference of the O6. (You can see what these were on Ryan’s Podcast)
– The Orchid will be seen in the Finale
– They don’t say who Abaddon works for but he is not “top of the chain”
– They discuss there favourite characters – CC is Sawyer, Damon’s is Jack (He prefers Jack with chest hair).
– We will see Walt again
– The Island will not let Widmore, Ben and Jack die until it’s finished with them
– The Island stopped Jack from committing suicide.
– They will be going into radio silence until Comic Con in July.
– A few more podcasts after Comic-Con will follow before Season 5 starts
– ABC advisory panel have nominated an episode for Emmy consideration

Daniel Dae Kim Talks Lost

Thanks to Ahmad from CraveOnline for the following.

CraveOnline: How blown was your mind by the flashback within a flashforward?

Daniel Dae Kim: I thought it was, when the flash forwards first started, I was really excited because I thought it kind of injected a new energy into the show, so I guess it was inevitable that they would start combining the flashbacks and the flash forwards. I think it’s great. There aren’t many shows right now where in the fourth year of its run where you’re actually still questioning the narrative style. That speaks a lot for the creativity of the writers.

CraveOnline: Are there any big developments on the finale?

Daniel Dae Kim: Yeah, there are some really big developments. There’s kind of a doozy of a development actually. There’s a lot of stuff happening on the island, he said wryly. There’s some momentous changes to the show coming up in the finale. You’ll start seeing them fairly quickly, so I think that’s about all I can say.

CraveOnline: Anything specifically involving Jin?

Daniel Dae Kim: Well, a few episodes ago it was revealed that he might actually be dead, so if that’s the case, we’ll see how that happens, or whether or not it’s true.

CraveOnline: How does it feel to be working up to something tragic?

Daniel Dae Kim: I don’t know. It’s an interesting phenomenon, to know the end point but the thing is, we don’t necessarily know the endpoint. We don’t know how he dies, we don’t know when he dies, we don’t know if he dies. So there are still so many questions.

CraveOnline: You think he just stayed on the island?

Daniel Dae Kim: It’s possible.

Full Article Here

Source: CraveOnline

Michael Emerson – Violence, Casualties And Retribution

Thanks to Howey for the following snippet from an interview posted today. You can read the full interview at the link at the bottom.

Q. And she wound up playing your character’s mother in your flashback episode.
That was kooky. It’s great to have your spouse on the set with you, although we didn’t have any scenes together, and now she’s a bona fide member of the “Lost” family. And I’m thinking maybe that’s not the last time we see her. Something has to be revisited there in Ben’s childhood.

Q. What lengths do producers go to to prevent spoilers on a show like “Lost”?
Sometimes they go to crazy lengths. The script in the finale had blank pages. There was a secret scene. There usually is at the end of the season. But they went a step better this year. When they filmed the secret scene, they filmed three different versions of a moment in it so that even the people that were on the set will not know how the season ends.

Q. I read a rumor that you were actually in the secret scene this season.
I might be.

Q. Finally, can you give us any ideas on what we might expect in next Thursday’s finale?
Well, violence. Casualties. Retribution for past crimes. It’s so violent and so full of machinery. That’s all I better say.

Source: Full Article @ News Journal

Doc Jensen Talks To Carlton And Damon

Here is an excerpt from Doc Jensen’s latest article which discusses the question that a lot of readers on DarkUFO have had about the location of the crash.

Trolling through the message board responses to my recap of last week’s episode, ”No Place Like Home,” part one of Lost’s season finale, I noticed an ongoing debate: Why didn’t the Oceanic Airlines publicist and/or the Oceanic 6 address the whole baffling business about Oceanic 815 crashing in the Indian Ocean? This was a Sydney-to-Los Angeles flight; the route goes over the Pacific; Indonesia is too far away, even for a plane that went off course. How come the journalists at the press conference didn’t ask the question many of you have been asking for four years: ”What happened?”

Personally, I was less perplexed. In the season’s second episode, ”Confirmed Dead,” we learned that a salvage vessel searching for The Black Rock in the Indian Ocean had found the remains of Oceanic 815 in the inaccessible depths of the Sunda Trench near Indonesia. Since the discovery of the wreckage predated the return of the castaways by at least a month, the culture had probably already vetted the riddle of why Oceanic 815 veered so far off course. All to say, I doubt the matter would have been an urgent talking point. Perhaps the reporters could have asked the Oceanic 6: ”Were you aware that your plane was…lost?” And maybe they did: My interpretation of that sequence was that we were shown selected moments from the briefing, not the whole thing.

But because it’s very possible that my reasonable analysis isn’t satisfying enough, I asked executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof for an explanation. Their response s fell just short of a deep sigh. ”As for the issue of the wreck’s location in the Sunda Trench, we’ll let the show speak for itself,” said Lindelof. He then added the following emoticon: 😉

Cuse was a tad more expansive: ”Obviously, the location of the supposed wreckage of 815 has been known by everybody for a while — that’s not news. Beyond that, Damon and I don’t want to say much more. More isu on all this will be forthcoming, but not until next season.”

My inquiry reached the producers the morning after a late-night editing session to complete next week’s two-hour opus. ”We had a toast of Dom Perignon in cheap plastic glasses with the four editors and about a dozen post support staff to celebrate,” Cuse said. ”Today, I’m experiencing elated exhaustion, the elation from both completion of the work but also the hopeful feeling that people are going to like this finale. It’s nerve-wracking because the kafe is set so high, and if we don’t finish strong it’s sort of like the Patriots losing the Super Bowl: It sort of negates all that came before it, especially with an eight-month hiatus looming.”

Source: Full Article @ EW

La Times Article About Finale And Oceanic 6

The LA Times has posted a really nice article about the show, the finale and how the Oceanic 6 were chosen. I have posted some of the spoilery tidbits from the cast and Darlton discussing the finale, but the article is an interesting read especially the fact that Darlton began picking the O6 in Season 2 (The link is at the end of the post).

Thanks to Luthien and Odul for the heads up.

The LA Times has posted a really nice article about the show LA Times Article about Finale and Oceanic 6What fans have yet to see is what happened after last season’s time-busting revelation that Jack and Kate leave the island in the future but something makes Jack want to return. On Thursday, “Lost” will take viewers to that very moment of Jack’s pained “We have to go back!” and move beyond it. It also will disclose “one of the island’s greatest secrets,” according to Emerson.

“The finale is about the culmination Bandar Ceme of this idea that a group of people who desperately wanted to get off the island find themselves in the position of defending the island that they’ve been trying to leave,” Cuse said.

But producers won’t disclose what fans are dying to know. Many viewers, as evidenced on message boards, are convinced that next season post-island life becomes the present and the past is life on the island.

“All we can say is that it’s going to be very hard to get back to the island for those guys,” co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof said. “But life will continue for the people who are not with them. How are we going to tell that story? We’re not going to tell that.” In fact, Lindelof vowed during an interview that after the finale airs he and Cuse “are going into radio silence until next season.”

But Emerson, talking from the Hawaii set by telephone, has a theory. “Every season, in the telling of ‘Lost,’ the lens pulls back another notch so that the picture gets bigger, includes more stuff, more people, more places,” he said. “So I’ll be curious to see what is now included when the lens jumps back another step. I think it will be more fragmented. The geography of the show as we’ve known it will be upset. Everybody will be in a new place.”

Kim, who said there “will be casualties,” took it one step further: “The finale will change the way you watch the show. It will introduce new variables that would never even be considered previously.”

When viewers last saw the Oceanic 6, Jack and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) dodged the helicopter that could have rescued them to try to protect Hurley.

Hurley was hiding from the freighter folks who want to kill Ben. The Others came down the mountain and captured Kate and Sayid. Sun, Jin and Aaron were onboard the bomb-carrying freighter.

“Aw, man, the finale is crazy,” Garcia said. “You will definitely see how we all end up together and back on civilization. But it’s as if there is one obstacle after another in front of us and the fact that we make it off is definitely a miracle……….

………The finale, Cuse said, will have “some spectacular romantic moments along with spectacular action moments.”

“The story of the Oceanic 6 is the ultimate break-up story,” Lindelof added. “That’s what the finale is about — everybody breaking up. And the show is going to have to proceed from here as to whether or not we’re going to get everybody together. Who is still around to get together?”

Read Full Article Here: LA Times

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Josh Holloway Interview

Thanks to Stefan for the following.

HOLLYWOOD — Four seasons of helping his friends survive Lost’s mysterious island has softened old James “Sawyer” Ford, a former con artist who was recently seen cradling Claire’s baby boy.

As the show closes in on Thursday’s two-hour season finale (ABC, 9 p.m. ET/PT), emotions run high as Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and company endure a series of game-changing events.

“It’s kind of violent,” says Holloway, 38. “There’s definitely a body count going on. And there’s a moment where a big decision has to go down.”

Flash-forwards have indicated that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and baby Aaron (the so-called Oceanic Six) escape the island. The fates of all the others are unknown. Why would Sawyer choose such uncertainty?

“He realizes some sacrifices need to be made,” the actor teases on a hike through the dusty trails of L.A.’s Runyon Canyon while dragging on a cigarette. “And I think he’s afraid to go back to society. He has gone through an evolution on that island. He has had to face all these demons and he has grown — enough to know he’s not OK with himself anymore. Instead of destroying lives, he has saved some lives. He cares about people … and has fallen in love.”

Those deep feelings for Kate (Evangeline Lilly) come into play as he is presented with the possibility of losing her forever. “That is a very important part of the finale that I can’t talk about,” he says.

Like his character, Holloway has experienced his own evolution. Being away from L.A. these past four years has allowed him the opportunity to clear his head of insecurities that, he concedes, “were really eating at my soul.” Those insecurities were replaced with feelings of entitlement once he hit it big. But now he has settled into a comfortable mid-way point of peace, self respect and confidence — life lessons he now hopes to pass onto a child.

When Holloway married Yessica Kumala in Hawaii in October 2004 (just as the series was gaining heat), both agreed that their desire to be free to explore the world did not allow for children. Now, having spent a good amount of time traveling, Holloway says, “we have changed our minds … only recently. Basically, nature happened. If you’re in a loving relationship with someone, (having) children becomes a part of it. I don’t know exactly when or how, but we’re very open to either having our own children or adopting.”

From the top of the canyon, hikers are awarded a breathtaking view of both the Hollywood sign and the city itself. Along a trail, the actor is recognized by two student filmmakers who ask if he wouldn’t mind making a cameo in a short film they are shooting. He can’t say yes, of course, and politely explains his agents’ role. “I dig you, man,” he tells one of them.

Holloway can’t help but be reminded of his own years struggling to make it as an actor in L.A. before Lost catapulted him to stardom. When the show ends in 2010, he says, “we’ll probably get us a little place here because the biz is here, and I want to stay in it.” But he will also spend time at his home in the Colorado Rockies and the Hawaiian beach house he intends to maintain as a rental.

He’s already experiencing “a new hunger to really express what’s inside of me as an artist.”

For Holloway, that means taking chances.

He began his career modeling for high-end fashion houses, “hanging out” with the likes of Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani. But after landing Lost, he turned his back on that world “to be respected as an actor.”

Four years later, he is allowing himself to be photographed as the face of Cool Water cologne, replacing pro surfer Laird Hamilton. Promotional images depicting Holloway cliff-diving in China have appeared in Europe over the past two years, but only now is he making a splash in American markets.

Preparing for a future, he is finally taking seriously the production company he formed primarily for tax reasons. “I have all these ideas for shows — from reality, to writing, to directing,” he says, clearly excited. He recently wrote two comedy skits he’d love to perform as a guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Beyond that, he and Yessica are discussing opening a day spa. Perhaps offering a hands-on deep tissue massage from Sawyer himself?

“Of course,” Holloway declares with great bravado, followed by a wicked chuckle. “In my Spee-do!”

Source: USA Today