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Why Do You Like Spoilers?

Something that gets on my tits from time to time is when I see people complaining about spoilers and that “You’re not a Fan if you read spoilers” or “Reading spoilers ruins the show – Your’re an Idiot“!

To be honest anyone who says these things imho has no respect for other people who have an opinion other than their own. As Locke would say “Don’t tell me what I can’t do“. (Note: Some of the BEST Lost fans that I’ve ever encountered here at DarkUFO are Lost Spoiler addicts like myself)

Then there are those that moan about spoilers and then post them on their site anyway LOL. Lostpedia is a great example where one of their Sys Admins wrote a scathing attack on me. I found it funny that the Lostpedia spoilers page has quoted over 100 of our spoilers this season… go figure.

Anywhoo… I, like many of you here, LOVE spoilers and can’t get enough of them. I thought it would be interesting to have a poll and ask you why you love the spoiler section so much. So please vote for all that apply to you and leave your comments below as I’m truly interested in your thoughts.