Michael Emerson – Violence, Casualties And Retribution

Thanks to Howey for the following snippet from an interview posted today. You can read the full interview at the link at the bottom.

Q. And she wound up playing your character’s mother in your flashback episode.
That was kooky. It’s great to have your spouse on the set with you, although we didn’t have any scenes together, and now she’s a bona fide member of the “Lost” family. And I’m thinking maybe that’s not the last time we see her. Something has to be revisited there in Ben’s childhood.

Q. What lengths do producers go to to prevent spoilers on a show like “Lost”?
Sometimes they go to crazy lengths. The script in the finale had blank pages. There was a secret scene. There usually is at the end of the season. But they went a step better this year. When they filmed the secret scene, they filmed three different versions of a moment in it so that even the people that were on the set will not know how the season ends.

Q. I read a rumor that you were actually in the secret scene this season.
I might be.

Q. Finally, can you give us any ideas on what we might expect in next Thursday’s finale?
Well, violence. Casualties. Retribution for past crimes. It’s so violent and so full of machinery. That’s all I better say.

Source: Full Article @ News Journal