Michael Emerson Interview On Hollywood 411

**Updated** New video added.

**Update** Apparently this video is for US viewers only, so below is a summary.

Nice little interview of what Ben is up to:


1) Cast is more enthused since the pilot
2) The Orchid hatch is a station with in a station on top of a station.
3) Answers “You know who I was signaling” when asked if he was signaling Jacob with a Mirror
4) Giving himself up is part of Ben’s “plan”, dangerous, but has an idea on how to pull it off
5) Avoids answering question about how to move the island
6) Funny moment about 15 year old crackers and say Locke, Ben and Hurley have become a comedy trio.
7) Alex’s death threw Ben off his game and he still has not recovered
8) Ben was so mad he called the smoke monster – Emerson says “wouldn’t you!?”
9) There is a “high-stakes” game between Ben and Widmore, but not sure nature Menang Ceme of game or what the stakes are. Previously there was never been a move Ben did not know what it would lead to, but it has been all “upset”

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