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Kevin Durand Confirms Keamy’s Demise

Thanks to Josh for the heads up.

USA Today did an interview with Kevin Durand who plays Keamy. It contains a few spoilers… nothing major, although he pretty much confirmed that he won’t be returning next season. (“Lost was really fun. If I can have that experience in any genre, I’d take it.“)

Also in the interview.

Asked to concoct a flashback plot for the stone-cold killer, Durand chooses his words carefully. “Keamy has a very big personal stake in this mission, and it’s beyond anything monetary. He’s just trying to get it done as soon as possible. It has to do with his family, so that’s why he’s working at the pace he is.

Source: Full Article @ USA Today

Damon And Carlton On The Kisses

Damon Lindelof: Everything’s gonna come together in this selesai two hours. We’re gonna see how the Oceanic Six get off the Island. We’re gonna see why they start lying. We’re gonna see who doesn’t get off the Island and see why some of them choose to stay.
Carlton Cuse: And we’re gonna see a big kiss—a really big juicy kiss—between two characters.
D.L.: A spectacular kiss.
C.C.: And it’s gonna be very good for people who are very involved with the Jack-Kate-Sawyer romantic triangle. You’re going to see a lot more about that in this finale.
D.L.: So you’re saying that kiss is gonna happen between two of those characters. Jack and Sawyer perhaps?
C.C.: I’m gonna say not Jack and Sawyer. I’m gonna say you can probably pick two other sides of the triangle.
D.L.: I’m gonna go one better than “there’s one spectacular kiss”: There are two spectacular kisses in the show…between four different people—not kissing each other. They happen at different times in the show.
C.C.: And they aren’t the same characters kissing each other twice, so that will be good.
D.L.: Separate kisses.

Source: E!Online

Doc Jensen On The Finale

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The last Doc Jensen of the year? No, that’s next week, when we’ll wrap up some unfinished business before hugging and waddling into our caves for hibernation. But tonight does mark the last Lost of 2008, which is pretty weird for me to fathom. My memory of recapping this season’s premiere, ”The Beginning of the End” — clacking away at my computer while watching some hired help install carpet in the family room; my wife screaming ”Noooooo!” as that distracted-obsessive Lost look settled into her husband’s eyes — was only minted yesterday, or so it seems. And now it’s almost over. Here, with the selesai tease of the season, is executive producer Carlton Cuse, coauthor of tonight’s two-hour extravaganza, ”No Place Like Home (Parts 2 and 3)”:

”Our characters’ fates and our story for the season all comes down to this: Who’s right about the island? Jack the empiricist or Locke the man of faith?”

Which reminds me of something I was thinking about the other day…


Last season at this time, we got an epic story about how Jack’s moment of triumph on the Island (beating Ben; staring down Locke; procuring rescue for his fellow castaways) was juxtaposed against a future-set story that saw Jack at his lowest moment, all boozy and delusional and suicidal. Meanwhile, Locke was a proverbial dead man walking. Beckoned from the Dharma mass grave by Ghost Walt and bleeding from the gut, Locke tired to prevent Jack from bringing doom upon the Island.

This season seems to be ending with a role reversal. Now we have Jack staggering through the jungle with a bleeding gut, thanks to a recently removed appendix. (One wonders in retrospect if that bit of business at the beginning of the season, in which Locke explained to Sawyer that his daddy-swiped kidney helped him cheat death, was intended to foreshadow the current extracted-organ drama of his Island mirror twin, and could this sentence be any longer or more artlessly mouthfully?) (Yes.) Meanwhile, Locke appears to be getting his big pendekar moment. He’s going to descend into yet another Dharma portal of sci-fi hell and ”move” his beloved Island. Whatever that means exactly, though it appears from Cuse’s tease that a defining moment is upon us — and by ”us,” I do mean the fans. For quite some time now, a debate has raged in Lost fandom about which kind of worldview should win out when it comes to resolving the show’s many mysteries: Scientific or Sci-Fi? Naturalistic or Supernatural? Stephen Hawking or Stephen King?

I doubt tonight’s episode will fully resolve the debate — but I wouldn’t be too surprised if the episode causes the debate to boil over. All to say, the message boards should be quite frothy tomorrow.

Source: Full Article @ EW

Michael Emerson – Part 2 : More Burning Questions

Thanks to David from ToDo Series and Jenny for the heads up.

Lost’s Season 4 finale is being presented in two parts, and thus is my season-ending Q&A with Michael Emerson, who plays Ben. Among the topics this time around: Who exactly is the “her” referred to in the episode “The Other Woman”? And who has Ben never shared a scene with, though that seems destined to change? Read on, and then kick back and enjoy the two-hour conclusion to “There’s No Place Like Home,” starting Thursday at 9 pm/ET. When the Others’ shrink said to Juliet, “Of course Ben has a crush on you. You look just like her,” who is “her”? Ben’s mother, or the little girl he befriended on the island…?
Michael Emerson: It could be either… or a third choice. That’s a really tantalizing question. I still think we’re going to revisit that little girlfriend of his that made him the carved image. The moment where Alex was killed, coming on the heels of Rousseau’s death. Was it hard to lose your ‘family” there? Or did you suspect it would put this new fire in Ben’s belly?
That is the way it’s to function in the show – Ben now has the great motivation. He was cheated, and the game was upset. Now we see him prone to a feeling of grief and vengeance that is perfectly human. That will fuel his mission for the rest of the Bandar Ceme Online series. When do you like playing Ben the most?
There are a couple of ways I like playing Ben. I like it when he’s in a jolly mood. Like when he had his little dinner party for Juliet. He’s bustling around the kitchen, fixing food…. There’s something surreal to see him do that. That’s a fun antic Ben. Ben’s stock-and-trade is those tense scenes in confined spaces, where a lot hangs on a high-pressure conversation. At the end of the day, what do you think will be harder to explain: Who or what is Jacob, or who or what is the Smoke Monster?
The explanation of who or what is Jacob is going to be richer and more satisfying than who or what is the Smoke Monster. I have my own ideas about what the Smoke Monster is, and it’s purely scientific. The explanation of Jacob, I think, may be more. When that series finale airs, do you think it will be indisputable that Ben is “the good guy” here?
I would be surprised if we walked away from Ben feeling anything but… ambiguous. I don’t think they’d let that go. Because in the future he seems to be doing the right thing.
Certainly his mission is going to be recontextualized — maybe many times — before the end of [the series]. Short of some amazing transformation – his becoming a monk or an alien or something like that – Ben seems a man fated to go on with this battle. And I wonder if the battle ever ends…. You seem to give your character a lot of thought.
I think about him because I sometimes have to explain things to myself in my own head. I don’t really have interaction with writers, so I just try to impose meanings and contexts on it, partly for my own amusement but partly so I know what to play. It helps me make an unpredictable choice in a scene if I have a new idea about what’s going on. Do you feel as if you stumbled upon something special here at Lost?
Oh, yes. It’s a wonderful role. The ambiguity of it lets me paint it the way I please, episode after episode. Is there anybody you wish you had more scenes with?
There are characters that I’ve never had scenes with, it’s so crazy. I’ve never had a scene with Sun or Jin; Michael only briefly; Desmond…. Now that could be interesting. What could bring Desmond and Ben Linus together? Something in the future, I am thinking. Since Ben seems to have Penny in his sites now, that’s going to bring him into a collision with Desmond at some point, I assume. What are you doing with your hiatus?
We have three months off. I don’t really have any work to do. My wife (actress Carrie Preston) is working on a series in L.A. that films until the middle of July. She’s working on True Blood (based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire novels), right?
Yes, and that could be really interesting. It’s so tantalizing, this idea of [Six Feet Under creator] Alan Ball tackling vampire material. And he has a colorful cast there, not the usual suspects.
Right, fresh faces – and from what my wife tells me, some astonishing performances are being given. It’s very exciting.

Source: TV Guide

Why Do You Like Spoilers?

Something that gets on my tits from time to time is when I see people complaining about spoilers and that “You’re not a Fan if you read spoilers” or “Reading spoilers ruins the show – Your’re an Idiot“!

To be honest anyone who says these things imho has no respect for other people who have an opinion other than their own. As Locke would say “Don’t tell me what I can’t do“. (Note: Some of the BEST Lost fans that I’ve ever encountered here at DarkUFO are Lost Spoiler addicts like myself)

Then there are those that moan about spoilers and then post them on their site anyway LOL. Lostpedia is a great example where one of their Sys Admins wrote a scathing attack on me. I found it funny that the Lostpedia spoilers page has quoted over 100 of our spoilers this season… go figure.

Anywhoo… I, like many of you here, LOVE spoilers and can’t get enough of them. I thought it would be interesting to have a poll and ask you why you love the spoiler section so much. So please vote for all that apply to you and leave your comments below as I’m truly interested in your thoughts.

Emilie De Ravin On The Finale

Thanks to Sarah for finding the following.

One would think that starring in “Lost” would give an actor an advantage in knowing what the heck is going on.

But Emilie de Ravin, who plays Claire on the baffling drama, had the same questions as many fans did this season when an episode revealed that, in the future, Kate (Evangeline Lilly) is raising Claire’s son Aaron.

“I guess I just sort of wondered where Claire’s at,” de Ravin said. “Is she still on the island? Did she die? What happened to her?”
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The Australia native said viewers won’t find out in Thursday night’s two-hour season finale (at 9 p.m. on WCVB, Ch. 5).

“No, you don’t know what happens to Claire,” she said. “That’s not one of the things that comes to a conclusion. The finale has more questions than answers. I have to be tight-lipped about the finale. What can I ever say? It’s big. There’s a lot going on. It’s sort of interesting what you see in the future.”

When viewers last saw Claire, she had been separated from Aaron and was calmly sitting in Jacob’s cabin. What was that about?

“She is not evil, but there is something going on that I don’t know about. I kind of stopped asking too many questions a long time ago. You are not going to know everything. There are always things you are going to find out.”

She promises that viewers will see Claire in the season-ender.

“Claire sort of pops up in an unexpected place,” she said cryptically.

The actress, who can be seen in the upcoming movie “Public Enemies” opposite Johnny Depp, said she has stopped worrying about whether she will be written off the series like so many of her former co-stars.

“I’ve been around this long, so that’s a good thing,” she said. “I connect with Claire being sort of a strong, driven character who goes through a lot. She has sort of come through with such a graceful way about her. She’s very strong and very focused on getting off the island.”

But de Ravin still struggles to adjust to the cast changes, especially the departure of Dominic Monaghan, who played Claire’s love interest Charlie.

“It really has made it difficult. You get used to working with someone and it’s sad. But it’s interesting emotions to work with. Dealing with death and something like that has a big impact on your character. It’s interesting having that in the back of your mind.”

Source: Boston Herald

Which Major Mysteries Will Be Revealed?

Thanks to Cognito for the following.

I loved the line “I have no qualms about saying that tonight’s finale is the best two hours of the show so far

So, I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who has seen tonight’s two-hour fourth season finale of Lost. Whaaa?! I know.

When I took the call, the foremost thing on my mind was scoop of course. Stupid me. Somehow, I guess “loyalty” and “confidentiality agreements” took precedence, because gleaning informasi off this buddy of mine was like pulling teeth from a bitchy Jaws. No matter. Truth be told, I hate getting spoiled on Lost. I do. Last year, I knew about the flash forward a few weeks in advance and it sort of ruined the finale for me. So, I didn’t flip when my friend was vague about this evening’s main event. I simply appreciated what was thrown my way. Here’s what so-and-so had to say:

There will always be debate in the Lost-verse, but as a true fan, I have no qualms about saying that tonight’s finale is the best two hours of the show so far. I can’t spoil it or I’d feel like I was cheating you. I will only confirm that the following questions may (or may not) be answered:

-What does “moving the island” actually entail?
-Why did only six survivors make it back to civilization, and why are those survivors lying about the people who were left behind?
-Why is Kate pretending that Aaron is her biological child?
-What is this boy’s significance in the greater scheme of things?

What a tease, right? Well, I’m hoping my pseudo-source only brought these questions up because they will be answered in some form or another tonight. Weigh in below on what you wish to put to rest this evening…

Source: Zap2It